Field Survey Doppler

1. Doppler Antenna Herndon Virginia 1972 2. Doppler Antenna USCG Station San Salvador Bahamas 3. Doppler Antenna 4. Doppler Station at Sukari Ranch Nairobi 1974 Cpl Brown SSgt Evans Capt Critchley - Album  
5. Doppler 6. Magnavox Transit Doppler Receiver 7. Doppler in the Desert Being Pre Marked 8. Doppler Satellite Tracking REceiver and Tapeprinter in DMA Tent
9. Doppler 2 10. Doppler 3

11. Doppler 4

Station on High Knoll Fort on St Helena c. 1975. Capt Ross Wilson - non Survey Officer. Closed down April 1984.

in May-June 1975 along with Capt Ross Wilson - non survey officer, bricked up the doors and windows of the old artillery spotters hut and put the roof on the building, Ross got a local carpenter to manufacture the doors and windows and the work bench for the inside, a shed to house the generator was built by the 512 STRE team in late 1976. 


13. Doppler 6 14. Magnavox Geoceiver Full Kit 15. Magnavox Geoceiver 16. Unpacking Magnavox Doppler Kit
12. Doppler 5