Athletics Training with Buller Kent

Sometime in 1961 I was the Squadron Orderly Corporal working under the SSM, Buller Kent.

One Wednesday afternoon the Squadron was directed onto the sports field to train for the forthcoming Minor Units Athletic Championships.

Buller Kent was a big man and particularly good at throwing the hammer. Having returned to his office, from which he could see the sports field, I brought his attention to the diminutive figure of the SQMS who was slowly making his way across the field dragging a hammer behind him. The SQMS was on extended service and close to retirement. He was wearing an oversized pair of PT shorts and obviously struggling with the weight of the hammer. The Squadron stopped their athletics training and watched the comical old figure as he struggled toward the throwing circle. Buller was beside himself with laughter as the SQMS eventually managed to lift the hammer off the floor but then, seemingly with the greatest of ease, he pirouetted several times and launched the hammer across the sports field. The throw would have won the Major Units hammer event with ease.

In total amazement Buller watched from the window as the SQMS slowly retrieved his hammer and to much applause from the unit he staggered back to his store.
Buller later found out that the SQMS had put together a lavatory ballcock and chain and painted it black. It was a great set up and
brilliantly executed.

With thanks to Bev Hill  for this contribution.