More Memories of 2 Troop

These photos were taken by Robin 'Fuff' Barrett
in the Radfan, Aden 1964 of 2Tp 13 Sqn


Fuff Barratt on J Radfan, with home made pies. The oven he made to his right.


2 Tp HQ on the airstrip at Thumier.


Recce in Wadi Misrah. I cannot recognise anyone for sure, though the one on right could be Mick Vickers
The person on the left has been identified by himself, Pete Forster
He believes that the other was from the RHA.


Should read Patrol on J. Radfan
Pete Forster believes that this was taken on one of our recces with the Anglian Regiment  to the north of Jebel Radfan where Fuff and he were annotating air photos.


 Bren Gun post on J Radfan, adjacent to the surveyors 'home'.


The surveyors' 'home' on J. Radfan. I can recognise Lt. Philip Robinson in the right, me on the left, and I think Dave Nunley 2nd from right.

With thanks to Alan Roberts  for this contribution.