14 Fld Svy Sqn 

Ex Dominate IV 1959 Olpe, Austin Champs - pre-runners to Land Rovers.


Basic Training Camp - Malvern.


Did you shave this morning Corporal Turner?

2nd Lt Foulerton checks stubble on Sapper (?) watched by CSM 'Jock' Watson.

Only Staff Sergeants in the Pioneer Corps were allowed to grow a beard, so why were members of 14 Sqn also officially allowed?

Answer on request.


Ex Dominate IV Olpe, 1959. In fron tof the diesel generator.

Back row: Sgt Chris Robbins, 2nd Lt Mike Aslett, Spr Eric Thompson
Middle row: 'Scouse', Corp Bill ?, Brian Todd ?, George Liddell
Front row: John Ward, Brian Gregory, Cpl ?, Tony Railton.


Guard of Honour from 14 Fld Svy Sqn at Nicholson Barracks Monchengladbach for visit of dignatory VIP January 1960.

Sgt Chris Robbins (apprx 6'8'' tall), LCpl Brian Gregory & Sappers ?

Average height for honour guard was 5'10''


Xmas dinner 1959/60 at Nicholson Barracks, Munchengladbach.

Served by C.O.

WRAC is 'Spud' Murphy, Brian Gregory and Tony Harris.


With thanks to Brian Gregory for this contribution.