Decorating the NAAFI Ceiling

I wonder if anyone can remember how we used to decorate the NAAFI ceiling in Nicholson Barracks, Moenchen Gladbach. I've never heard of it being done anywhere else, but I'm sure it must have been.

Most of us smoked, and we'd take the lining out of the fag packet and remove the white paper from the silver. The silver paper was formed into a wine glass shape and a bit of the white paper was chewed then crimped into the base.

Hold between two fingers and an upward flick would stick it to the ceiling.

There were inevitable contests for largest, smallest, weirdest etc.

They would stay there virtually for ever, but the NAAFI management were not too pleased. (They should moan - we used to buy spirits by the 6's.)

With thanks to Dave Hobson (Steak) for this contribution.