Roy Barracks 1966

Courtesy of Mike Ludlow

Entrance to Roy Barracks from Oberhausener Strasse with the Guardroom on the left.


Topo Troop Block.


The square with barrack block on the left. (I remenber watching the 1966 World Cup there - Germany was the place to be in '66!), the NAAFI in the middle and the Cookhouse at the right.


A game of Handball with left to right - Nobby Clarke, Taff Evans, Taff Rees, Mick Wilson, Dave Rudman, John Foote, Mick Royal & Dave Wright.


More Handball - left to right - Taff Rees, Taff Evans, Mick Wilson, Mick Royal, Dave Wright & John Foote.


Now bored with handball - top to bottom - Mick Royal, Dave Wright, Taff Rees, John Foote, Taff Evans, Nobby Clarke & Dave Rudman.


Photo courtesy of Mike Ludlow.