Nicholson barracks

This was found by Richard Elliot in response to Streak Hobson's request.

These e-mails resulted

Streak wanted the locations of Nicholson barracks and others:- This looks very much like Nicholson Barracks, on the Vierson road out of MG to me!
Major road developments since I was there last in 64.
Dick Elliot

Nicholson barracks don't seem to have changed much over 40 years. Perhaps a suitable sized image would be worth putting on Memories14. I'm sure Nick Carter would love seeing his square again !

Yes, when I located it, the first thing I remembered was that bloody square, and Lofty Carter yelling at Mick Ross to double onto parade, 'cos as usual
he was late, so Ross always doubled but at 'Mark Time', so that the actual speed onto said square remained the same.

The net result was the entire squadron sniggering, at SSMs expense.

Remember Pod Beck letting all the marbles down the upstairs corridor of HQ block, during OC's 252's, and SSM trying to double march people into the OC
with bloody marbles everywhere, then they started bouncing down the stairs, it seemed like it went on for hours, with SSM getting madder and madder. Oh
happy days!!!!!!!!!!!!
OC was Major Silberad. In the mid 80's, Dave Lyno and me were levelling down in Inkpen, near Hungerford, when a car drew up alongside Dave who was
chaining, I saw him point at me and then after a few minutes the car drove off, Dave came over and said, you'll never guess but that was Major
Silberad, looking for The Swan in Inkpen, so Dave said, you owe us two a pie and a pint, and the George and Dragon's just round the corner, good as his
word he did buy us the lunch, and tripped down memory lane.


Morning Albie....Many thanks for the pic of Nicholson Bks and the messages.  Streaks memory is a lot better than mine for I just cannot rember the
incidents he recalls, nor indeed can I recall "Streak", but I do remember Dick Elliott, perhaps Streak avoided contact with the SSM!!! You may recall that
some time ago I sent you an epistle written by the one Mick Ross. If you still have it Streak may like to have a read, if you haven't still got it I could provide. Incidentally I think it would be a good idea to put the map on the site, it certainly brought back memories for me...
Best regards N C.