19 Topo Sqn, ADEN 1960


Geordie Walters (Driver), Bev Hill, Clive Khan (Clerk) and Martin Fegan? (Clerk) on a visit to 2 Troop based at Khor Umeira in the Aden Protectorate.


2 Troop camp at Khor Umeira.



Clive Khan, Geordie Walters and ? (driver) having lunch at Dick Pollard's restaurant.


The well at Khor Umeira.


A rather large camel spider. One of the surveyors (I think it was Vic Moncreiff) was flown back to hospital in Aden in a coma after being bitten by one of these monsters.


Johnny Allcock, Bruce Barden SQMS and Savannah Robinson spruced-up for Admin Day.


Bev Hill, Bruce Barden and Johnny Allcock outside the QM Stores at the Maalla Strait Offices.

With thanks to Bev Hill for this contribution.