42 Sgt's Mess 1975


Fourth row: Roger Cramp, Barry Hughes, Jim Dale, Dick Watts, David Bowery, Dave Hurd.
Third Row: ????, Wally McGowan, ????, Dave Hughes, ????, ????.
Second row: ????, ????, Alec Dow, ? Hughes, Taff Hemming?, Baz Humphries.
Front row: ????, Robbie Gray, ????, Chief Clerk, Mac Parr, Dai Marchant, Noddy Lambert, John Ellerby.


Fourth row: ????, ????, Oliver, ????, ????, Mick Bunce, Tom Key, Jim Howcroft.
Third row: Jimmy Durup, Ed Ward, Pete Norris, ????, RAPC, ????, John Phipps.
Second row: ????, ????, ????, Brian Beale, ????, Hughes, John Siddell, ????.
Front row: Eric Davey, Lt Col G Gathercole, Ted May, Mick Browning, Colin Price, Laurie Gray, Mick Stacey, Duncan Jacobs, Graham Abernethy, ????.

With thanks to  Eric Davey for this contribution.