Carto Troop - Ex Carto Norge 1971-75

Bev Hill, Taff Hemming and Dave Mead.


Bev Hill, Keith Rackham, Terry Saunders and ? Air Surveyor (The Carto Norge Chippendales).


?, George Macmillan, Taff Yeo and Bev Hill.


Terry Saunders with the catch of the day near Narvik.


Bernie MacCulloch? North of Elvergardsmoen.


Mick Clowes, Terry Saunders, Air Surveyor?,Keith Rackham.


The same team with Ed Ward.


Benny Bowles and ? Carto Draughtsman - Bjerkvik.


Captain Viv Darby and Bill Chapman - Drevja?

With thanks to Bev Hill for this contribution.