A selection from Mick " Jock" Collier

1ASLS Possibly taken 1963.

Tony Jago; Pete Lee; ?? Tramaseur?; Albie Field; Driver?; Dai Marchant; Pauline ?; Bert Farrel; Ian Lindsey; Pete Smith; Gordon (Andy) Anderson; Bas Elvin

? MacDonagh; Geoff Sonnex; Frank Litterick; Pete Andrews; Ron Birch; Taff Morgan; Mike (Jock) Collier.

Pete Lee; June ??; Gordon Anderson in the Laydown Bar.

I think this was our drivers birthday bash.
Frank Litterick & Taff Morgan are the only two I recognise.

This was a squadron trip but I can't remember where to.
Pete Lee; Gordon Anderson; Pauline; Mike Collier
(could be Grosvenor beach).

Cyprus-Final Bash.
The only face I recognise is Pete Andrews.
However this was taken at the final party we had at the old 47 compound prior to the move across the valley.

Cyprus-Laydown Bar
47's bar Mick Vickers holding court!

Cyprus-Happy Valley.

Can't remember the occasion. Something do do with a car show?
Pete Smith; Mick Vickers; Pete Lee; Gordon Anderson; ??; Mike Collier.


Cyprus-Tunnel Beach

Pete Smith; ???; Mike Collier on Tunnel Beach.

Cyprus-Boundary Commission
This is the Cypriot half of the team on the Dhekalia Boundary Commission 1961.

Troodos, Mike Collier & Dave Howard on a skiing trip.

Gordon Anderson loading the donkey with the Tellurometer & battery prior to climbing the hill.

Pete Smith; Tony Jago; Mike Collier at a bar up Troodos. Due to the fact we are drinking cokes we must be working!


Gordon Anderson outside our accommodation with one of the "targets".
We carried out a survey of the ILS system for the RAF at Luqa 1963.

Not sure where this was taken but looks a very awkward setup. Could be Malta 1963.

Ron Birch on Mount Olympus looking a bit cold.

With thanks to Mike Collierfor this contribution.