Map of Northern Malaya

Annotated in red with names mentioned in 84 Field Survey Squadron Memories.
Some places I have been unable to locate, these include Crow & Kuala Langat, maybe some kind soul with rectify these omissions.

I think the village referred to might be Croh, or Kroh.  It had a large tin mine in the vicinity.   I was there for a brief period in 1957 and it had the dubious distinction of being one of the last places where the  CT's  had recently attacked in force, before hopping back over the border again . I remember plenty of wire meshed fencing between the safe compound and the jungle and we were a bit jittery at the time.

 Fort Kemar was the village where some of our guides came from when we were doing the Trig scheme based in Grik. It had a small airstrip.  Our guides all lived together with their families in a Long House and on one trip  I was taken to this communal building to meet the wives and children. I have several photos of our guides proudly posing with their families for us. My overriding memory of them is that they were  very happy people.
Tim Walker.


Bukits Kusial, Kuang, Meninjau  and Marak were used later by 1 Topo Troop in 1967/8. I wonder if surveyors from the fifties also used them.

The original map scale was 1:500,000

Map produced from TPC L-10B dated 1989 and TPC L-10A dated 1991
   Crown copyright 1989 & 1991. Reproduced with the permission of the controller of her Majesty's Stationery Office.