42 in Sarawak 1964

This photo was given to me at the AGM 2008 by Brian Beale, the text comes from Vic Moncrieff, seen with his chest exposed.

The photograph was taken in Borneo in 1964. Yes that's me looking like convict 99. Mac Parr is a lance corporal - that was the basic surveyor technician rank introduced at that time if you remember. The sergeant is Don Holmes. He left in 1966 and went into the forestry commission. We are on our way from Kuching, capital city of Sarawak to the 2nd Division seat of Government - Simmangang - on the Batang Lupar. We had left 42 Survey Engineer Regiment at Barton Stacey about ten days before. Flying into the rising sun the journey took three 'days' We had a week in Singapore acclimatising. That morning we had been flown from Singapore to Kuching and the lorries took us to Simmangang - about 150 miles I think. This was a reinforcement to 84 Squadron during the Borneo confrontation. Captain Baker, S/Sgt Wally Osborne, Sgt Don Holmes, Corporals Pete Smith and Vic Moncrieff, L/Cpl Mac Parr, Norman Brindle, Vic Green and John Laughton and others whose names would come back to me in time.