Pyjama Party

to celebrate Sandy Firth's (wife of Del) 21 st 1965

Front Row: Jock Todd (Storeman), Dave Millington MT, Cpl Al Cox (Print), ????, Dick Case (Helio), ????, Geoff Ward.
Behind from Cox: ????, Paddy Neeson, ????, Tot Hodgson, Dave Lythell, Alan Gordon, ????, Willy Bach, Vic Williams.


Front: ????, Dick Case, ????, Geoff Ward, ????, storeman.
Middle: Paddy Neeson, Tot Hodgson, Alan Gordon, Willy Bach, Wee Fergison, Tom Christie, Taff Williams, Al Claxton?, ????.
Back: ????, Dave Lythell, ????, Vic Williams, ????, Del Firth, Maurice Friend (Air), Dave Parsons, Tony Hirst (Print).

Photos Courtesy of Alan Gordon