Kapit, a town about 200 miles up the Rejang which was the base when 84 returned to Sarawak.

Kapit waterfront as remembered by 1 Topo Troop.


Kapit waterfront as remembered by 1 Topo Troop
(Somewhat different in the 95 & 97 photos by Brian "Nanga" Houldershaw).


The front entrance to the offices/dining/recreation building at Kapit alongside the airstrip. Someone decided to have a couple of flower beds at the entry but they, inevitably got nicknamed 'The Graves'.


Keith "Jackie" Milburn after returning from a number of weeks on a hilltop (10 I think), with full beard.
Note the 'Urgent Notices' board behind me - Empty!


The main accommodation left, generator shed middle, airport right middle and badminton court. To the lower left is the '84' emblem.

With thanks to Keith Milburn for this contribution.