Sarawak in the field 1970

These shots were taken in 1970 working out of Kapit.

A typical cloud formation with the hill tops in silhouette.


The two views above are typical sunsets in Sarawak.

A typical morning view looking down on the clouds.


 Sikorsky hovering over Hilltop Pad.


A trig point, tellurometer set up, ground marker clearly visible and the tech hut.


These two  show a resupply by Allouette of Malaysian Air Force on a day when we were totally clouded in. It was a lot worse than the photos indicate. We estimated 20 yards visibility and did not expect to be found. Hearing the 'chopper circling ( for ages) we popped a smoke flare and I had to take theses shots.

 Allouette on pad.


A hilltop camp.


Tellurometer setup. Labourer making Rattan basket.

With thanks to  Keith Milburn for this contribution.