Chepstow 1960

The Survey Dept at AAC Harrogate closed down in either late 1959 or early 1960 and this photo shows the 1st Survey intake at AAC Chepstow. We were Group 60B and the photo is just after we joined up , 'J' Coy.

Back row:
Jim Dowding (Litho artist), Sweeny Wilson (Fld Svy), Non survey, Jeff Goodchild (Fld Svy) 

Centre row:
Keith Faulkner (Litho artist), Mac Parr (Fld Svy), John Laughton (Fld Svy), Non survey, Non survey, Pete Clinkard (Fld Svy), Non survey, Non survey.

Front row:
Non survey, Frank Johnstone (Photo), Ian Bradshaw (Fld Svy), Non survey, Bill Brown (Photo), Non survey, Non survey

Photos & names Courtesy of Frank Johnstone