Harrogate Intakes 53A & 53B
Harrogate Reunion 2006 for 53A & 53B Intakes

On 7 October 2006 a reunion of Harrogate 53A & 53B intakes was held at the Swallow St. George Hotel Harrogate.

During the afternoon a very informal gathering was held in the Conservatory Room, where in addition to some of the 53's John Bickers, Dave Harries, Bob Payne and Andy Anderson attended.

In the evening there was a Buffet Dinner with 20 53's attending along with 10 WAG's. Out of this number 8 were ex Military Survey, a notable effort.  Sadly Wes Noble was sorely missed, however his wife Miriam attended to everyone's delight. 

An enjoyable evening was had by all, with many old stories re told, and a fair amount of refreshment imbibed.  Alan Roberts volunteered to organise another reunion on the first Saturday in October, 2008.