Harrogate 1959

Photo 1

I have uncovered another photo showing the RE Survey Wing at Harrogate in 1959. The lads dressed in the old type service dress but are wearing the  beret and RE cap badge are the Senior Term (56B)so I guess this was taken in July 1959.
Andy Anderson


Photo 2

Fourth row: Bill Van Orden, ????, Fuff Barret, Roger Billett, Tony Newman, Mick Collier.
Third row: Phil Cox, Alan Oakman, Blondie Balfour, Ian Lindsey, Dave Ford, Johny Foote, Geoff Tolley.
Second row: Vic Moncreiff, Worsley, Storeman, AJ Robinson, jimmy James.
Front row: ????, ????, Paddy Ryan, Ian Boreland, ????, ????.


Photo 3

Fourth row: Stan Stanley, John Redford, ????, ????, Grant Ward, Josh Joseland.
Third row: Cliff Greensitt, Benny Bennison, Dave Oram, Alex Johnstone, Topper Brown.
Second row: Pete Seward, Wilf Reid, Phil Webster, Mark Henshaw, Keith Butt, Frank Donovan.
Front row: Andy Anderson, Tot Hodgson.


Photo 4

Fourth row: ????, ????, ????, Baz Elvin, ????, Lofty Hogben.
Third row: Tony Jago, Bob Pomroy, Brian Houldershaw, Ian Cragg, Simon Weir, Geoff Morris.
Second row: John Salisbury, Dave Truluck, ????. ? Hughes, ????


Photo 5

 A group of 10 - taken in 1957 or 1958. All are potential RE surveyors but some went into the Print Section.I think this photo was taken near Darley, when we were doing a reconnaissance  in the Topo Survey Area.
Names on this one  from Andy are:

Back row: Geoff Morris - The Driver -? Andrews - Phil Cox
Centre row: Andy Anderson - Blondie Balfour - Ginge Weir - Vic Moncrieff
Front row: Gordon Worsley - Ian Cragg

All members of Intake 56B - (except the Driver)
 Photos  Courtesy of Andy Anderson