Harrogate with Terry Evans

Photographs from Terry's scrapbook, Through the ranks 1954-1977 with Survey RE

Featuring 54B



Back row: A/T Digby, A/T Flower, A/T Crichton, A/T Foskett, A/T Earnshaw.
Middle row: A/T Derbyshire, A/T Deighton, A/T Eastwood, A/T Glodup, A/T Farnsworth, A/T Fraser.
Front row: A/T Farley, A/T Dennis, A/T Goymer, A/T Shaw, CSM E Cole, Maj A Thresher.



Back row: A/T Garrett, A/T Evans, A/T Duncalfe, A/T Gowlett, A/T Frye.
Middle row: A/T Farrar, A/T Dyke, A/T Freeman, A/T Davies, A/T Dixon.
Front row: Sgt J Blades BEM, BQMS Evans, A/T CSM Newberry, A/T Galmoye, A/T Guest, A/T P Gray



Back row: Mick Gowlett, Paddy Frye, Dave Streak Hobson.
Middle row: Terry Tupps Evans, Pete Timbrell, Jock Balloch.
Front row: Ian Roo, Bob Farrar, Rab Martin, Klon Goldup.




Hockey Team

Back row: ????, Mick Gowlett, ????, ????, ????, Rab Martin, Terry Evans.
Middle row: ????, ????, ????, Jack Pugh.
Front row: ????, ????, Tim Holt.

Food, glorious food!

Aged 16-18 and permanently on the go from dawn to dusk we were always hungry.Cookhouse raids were frequent, once a whole churn of milk was trundled out and on another a whole side of ham was acquired. We never considered that we were robbing others, and I cannot recall anyone ever getting caught.Another highlight was Sweaty Betty's burger van outside the gates. I can still smell it now. The burgers were lush but I doubt whether they or the van passed any health checks!Another dodge was to get yourself onto a school sports team. At certain times this would entitle you to an extra supper which was usually a huge steak. Well worth the effort.Streak Hobson, 54b

With thanks to  Terry Evans & Streak for this contribution