Italian holiday

A group of our members are in the habit of taking holidays together and this was one taken in Spring of 2006

Outside Hotel Mirage

Taken outside the Hotel Mirage at Riva Del Garda on 6th. May 2006. Dressed for Dinner.

L - R:- Brian Houldershaw, Andy Thomas, June Houldershaw, Norma Lees, Jim Butterworth, Tim and Ada Holt, Margaret Thomas, Bill Lees,
 Margaret Butterworth, Neil and Norma McQueen.

Riva del Garda

Riva del Garda View from hotel room balcony.


Midday meal time

  Midday meal time left to right
Waitress, Brian Houldershaw, Curly Lees, Norma McQueen, Norma Lees, Margaret Butterworth, Jim Butterworth, June Houldershaw, Andy Thomas. 
 The remainder of the group of twelve (apart from Tim, the photographer) were out buying handbags & shoes. 
 Missing members: Tim Holt, Scouse McQueen, Margaret Thomas, Adrienne Holt.



 Curly Lees with Juliet of Romeo & Juliet fame taken in Verona.


Castle Keep Riva del Garda

This shows four ex jungle bashers from No. 1 Topo Troop, 84 Svy Sqn RE, atop the Castle Keep at Riva Del Garda.
l - r:-Brian Houldershaw, Neil 'Scouse' McQueen, Jim Butterworth and Andy Thomas, 5th. May 2006.
NO we were not contemplating climbing the Bukits in the background.

Monte Riva

This photograph was taken part way up Monte Riva at the old Bastione.
Time for a Tiger at the mountain cafe.
Shows Norma McQueen, Jim Butterworth, Brian Houldershaw, Neil McQueen and Andy Thomas. 6th. May 2006.


Monte Baldo

This photograph shows most of our group at the summit of Monte Baldo which we had scaled by using no less than two cable cars from Malcesine,
Lake Garda. 2nd. May 2006.

  L - R:- Andy Thomas, Margaret Butterworth, Norma McQueen, Jim Butterworth, June Houldershaw, Norma Lees, Tim Holt, Brian Houldershaw
and Neil McQueen.

With thanks to Tim Holt, Andrew Thomas and Brian Houldershaw for this contribution.