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I started off at Chepstow in 1976, trained as a Field Survey Tech, and left after reaching the dizzying heights of WO2 in 2000. I have been "Facebooking" some photos, these being amongst them. To most people I'm known as Mick (rather than Mike) Paskin.

Incidentally I work for the same offshore company as Mick Guise, though haven't seen him in a while. I am offshore on a heavy lift barge at present, so as "survey" is for once relatively unemployed am making the most of a pretty poor e-mail.
Hoping these are suitable!

Ex High Trig was a series of overseas assistance type jobs in Nepal, by 19 Sqn.

The Sennelager photo was pre-Op Banner (NI) training, a troop from 14 Topo and a troop from 10 Field Sqn made up numbers for "T" Bty (Shah Sujah's Troop) 12 Air Defence Regt RA.
(Sha Sujah was of course the man (puppet) given the job by the Brits to run Afghanistan, and funnily enoughcame to a bad end! How times change......)

The other photo is annotated Gulf War medals 1991, personnel from all over 42 Gp as it was then.
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Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

With thanks to   Mick Paskinfor this contribution.