Miscellaneous Photos from

Nigel Furness

42 Svy RE Svy Met Course at Bracknell 008
(Ted Davies, Lee Watson, Frank McCorriston, Paul Varley, Dave Pegg, Ken Bithrey, Al Easingwood, Simon Crewe & Myself)


RAF Wyton RUFC -
Skippered by 1 ASLS for the 5th Year in a row 1988 0007 (Cpl Ferg Brazier, Cpl Kev Tilley & Myself)


1 ASLS RE on detachment with 1 PRU Copenhagen 1986 0011
(Phil Stubbing, Adge Rowe, Dave Oram, Tony Wyatt, Kev Tilley, Jim Young & Myself)


13 Sqn Taciprint HQ MND SW Gornji Vakuf Bosnia 1995 0012
(Capt Jez Bird, Cpl Kev Brixton, Sgt Bob Jardine, LCpl Kev Brickstock, Cpl Scouse Willis, Spr trev large & Myself)


42 Composite UN Tour HQ MND SW Gornji Vakuf 1995
Spr large, LCpl Willis, Cpl Brixton, Myself, Capt James Kemp, Capt Jez bird, Sgt Jardine, LCpl Nelson

With thanks to Nigel Furness for this contribution.