World cup final 1966


Perhaps others can contribute their memories of that day. Chances are you were on a hill-top as well. - Streak.

THAT Cup Final

On 30 July 1966 I was on a hill-top in Sabah. It was night-time when the final started, and although I was not, and still am not a football fan, I did realise the massive significance of the occasion. Yorky Armstrong was on the next hill, probably about 25 miles away and was a keen follower of the game. I had a radio and he didn't ! Modern technology came to his aid though, as the Tellurometers we were using were brilliant at voice carrying, and placing the mike by the radio gave him a clear uninterrupted commentary.


Hi Streak,

I was not on a hill top but at my home in Sibu. The first knowledge I had that the world cup was on came in the early hours of the morning when the telephone ringing woke me. On picking up the receiver I was greeted with "We Won" repeated over and over. Having not the slightest interest in soccer I had no idea what the speaker, a slightly inebriated vehicle mechanic, Craftsman Brian Worthington (previously Sapper) was talking about  until he enlightened me that England had won the Football World Cup.
Nowadays one would have to be completely deaf and blind not to know that it was occurring, not so then, news was NEWS, if you didn't turn to the sports pages one was not bombarded with such trivia as football or the results of reality TV.

Now let's hear from some others!