THE SEYCHELLES – January to March 1958


A survey party climbing the steep hill 1098  (so called because of its height in feet above sea level).

These photos were supplied to Bill Powell by Mike Layland in December 2005.

Some of the surveyors with some local friends near the beach.

 Behind the group is one of the Victoria Express buses.

Back row: ‘Ginger’ (a local) – James Mancham (a local) - Roy Isherwood – Richard Mancham (a local) – ‘Dolphus’ (a local) - another local - Mick Graham.

In front: Geoff Dean and Trevor ‘Bill’ Powell.

Richard Mancham owned the Continental Hotel where the six lower ranks lodged.

 His son James became the first President of the Seychelles when they gained independence in 1976



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