Oman 1961 – Miscellaneous photos
Supplied by Dave ‘Streak’ Hobson

A GULF AVIATION DC3 lands at Firq ‘International’ Airport, near Nizwa. ‘International’ because it was used by Englishmen, Scots, Welsh, Irish (including Ulstermen), an occasional Aussie, Arabs and several other nationalities. The airport (landing strip) facilities were as you see them!
Two photos below
Modern transport ahead of the more traditional means.
At least the latter didn’t get mined.

Does anyone know who the intrepid driver and map-reading surveyor are and where the photo was taken?

A heavily-laden three tonner (army or civilian?) wends it weary way along the dirt road. Where exactly?

Now there are asphalted highways in the Oman and highly developed and landscaped towns.
What a difference the finding of oil has made


With thanks to  Trevor "Bill" Powell for this contribution
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