Part of the diary kept by Dave ‘Streak’ Hobson

1 Troop, 19 Topographic Squadron, Feb-Nov 1959

3 Feb. Left Cyprus on Troopship Dilwara.
4 Feb. Port Said - Suez canal.
9 Feb. Arrived Aden.
17 Feb. Left Aden on LST Empire Skua.
24-26 Feb. Muscat.
28 Feb. Arrived Dubai. By lorry to Sharjah.
1 March Our lorries and MT personnel arrive from Dubai after being bogged down.
Sgt Alan Fox, Johnnny Rowlands, Hutch, Spr Cramb, Spr "Chuff" Whitehurst,
Spr Pete Lupson.
10 March Start air photo work in Sharjah area.
13 April Half of troop fly by Valetta to Ibri.
17 April Rest of troop arrive by convoy.
24 April Commence field work.
Spr Dann, Spr "Jeeze" Heaseman, Sgt "Goff" Keefe, Spr Pete Richards, Spr Mack, Sgt "Dobber" Lawence RAMC, Spr Terry Gomersall, L/Cpl Dereck Bullock, Spr Alan Cunningham, Spr Browett ( can't remember him or his name !), L/Cpl Plant, Spr "Paddy" Gibson, Spr Ron Cunningham, Cpl Ted Green (AAC), Pte Clyne, Spr Ginge Lobban, Dave "Klon" Goldup, Spr Mike Pearson,
Lt Pinky" Reid - Troop Commander.
30 May Advance party leaves for Nizwa.
31 May Bedford RLs return. (one had towed the other for 100 miles)
3 June Remainder leave for Nizwa.
4 June Arrive Nizwa.
5 June Half of Troop leave on Pembroke for Bahrein via Sharjah for rest, stores collection and training.
Cpl Morton.
18 June Major Hardy arrives from Aden. Sprs Mack, Bopper Robertson and Ernie
James arrive by LST.
19 June Sprs Lupson, both Cunninghams and me by Hastings to Sharjah.
L/Cpl Potter.
21 June Sprs James and Robertson arrive from Bahrein.
Spr Baker. Bill Hipson.
22 June-1 July Loading stores, repairing vehicles and waiting for movement clearance.
1 July Leave Sharjah in Bedford RL and two Morris 1-tonners.
2 July Arrive Buraimi. Bogged down in soft sand, ignition, gear and radiator problems, no headlights and petrol blockages!
3 July Buraimi to Ibri. Cracked radiator and out of fags.
Spr Phillips.
6 July Advance party to Nizwa.
9/10 July Bill Guthrie and Ernie James to Buraimi to collect radiator from Trucial Oman Scouts.
11 July SAF 3-tonner blown up by mine near Ibri.
3-12 July Entertained by PDO (oil company)
13 July To Nizwa via Fahood. 9 hours, shattered windscreen, lots of overheating.
16 July British major killed by mine near Bait.
21 July Sgt Hender (medic?)
Cpl Bolton (instrument mechanic)
Spr Bates. Pte Stanistreet. (can't recall them either). L/Cpl Sam Whitehead.
Cfn Moughton.
26-28 July Flooded out by heavy rains.
Aug - Sept. No entries for some reason.
1/2 Oct. Finally get to do the famous 'climb' up Jebel Akhadar from Khamah to Saiq.
Capt Davey Wheeler. Tom Wingfield. L/Cpl Dereck Bullock. Bill Powell.
Bill Baker.
4 Nov. Water truck mined, Bopper unhurt.


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