No 4 Junior NCOs Cadre SMS
November/December 1955

Back row:  Sprs Everett*, Towsey*, Smith*, Sheriff*, L/Cpl Walwork, Pvt Luck (RAOC), Spr Mielyer*.
Middle row: Spr Pollard*, L/Cpl Thompson, Sprs Morgan*, Dunlop, Spr Dalziel*, L/Cpls Beaman, Pearce, Sprs James, Thacker, L/cpl Loach.
Front row:  Sprs Overton*, L/cpl Drage, Spr Barclay, Sgt Hutchinson, WO1 (Tech) Hendry, S/Sgt Kent (Buller), L/Cpls Webb, Livesey.

* Denotes ex-boy entrants who were posted to SMS especially for the Cadre begor their posting to Men's Service.

With thanks to Tony Webb for this contribution.