Where are they now?
Having just attended the 50th Harrogate reunion I met quite a few 59c mostly signals guys.I had a short career  in survey RE due to becoming seriously ill and being medically discharged.It would be nice to hear how the rest of our small contingent fared in there military career. I know one died in service and i only met one other -John Marchant since Harrogate.Do you have any knowledge of  Intake 59c surveyors? where are they now perhaps.I went into hospital just before the transfer to Chepstow,Any info would be most appreciated.I was 23733946 Smith D.G.Thanks for your time.
I have just read Colin Price's account of the handover of the 84 Svy Sqn  camp to the Singaporeans.  I was attached to the Sqn from November 69 to November 70 as the REME Instrument Technician (Sgt Tony Bowman).  The Workshop was located in the SQMS Stores and I remember Colin and Roy Campion very well.  I was part of the Team sent to Pontianak in 1970.  Roy and I both played for the Sqn football team.  I remember Colin as a very nice man, principled and diligent.  It would be very nice to get in touch again so if possible I would appreciate contact details.

Another from Albie relating to 84 Sqn.
Does anyone have any photographs of the flats at Chip Bee and the Holland Village Area or any other information on them? I lived in Dorset Block flat 1F, memory says there were two other blocks, what were their names?