512 STRE Combined SECOR and BC4

1. SECOR, BC 4 and 512 STRE 2. 3. 4.
5. 6. 7. BC 4 Team March 1967 8.
9. 10. 11. South Georgia Station 12.
13. 14. 15. BC4 Rack Maintenance 16. BC4 Camera
17. 18. 19. PAGEOS Across the Night Sky South Georgia 20. Flynn Chalmers Friis Smith ACC Ron Birch Maj Codd Mr Jack Fried
21. 22. 23. 24.
25. 27. Mr Bernard Lt Col Crawford Miss Gore Capt Crighton 28. Capt Crighton Lt Col Crawford 29.
30. 31. C141 at Townsville 32. Townsvills Press Cutting 33. PAGEOS Satellite
34. BC4 Rack 35. PAGEOS Image 36. BC4 450mm Wild Camera 37.
38. The ITT 5001 Doppler Equipment on Trial in North Carolina 39. 40. Admiral James and Brigadier Walmsley White 41.
42. 43. Press Cutting TRANET move to Barton Stacey 44. Press Cutting Continued 45.
46. Press Cutting on Introduction of Doppler System 47. 48. Lt Cols Crawford and Wilson D Svy 2 49. Wilson Brig Gen O'Donnell Lt Col Crawford
50. 51. 52. 53. Brig Walmesley White with Lt Gen Pennary
54. Brig Walmesley White and Brig O'Donnell 55. Col Howerton Brig Walmesley White Col Schatzley Lt Col Crawford 56. 57.
58. 59. Agreement between the US and UK Cooperating Agencies 60. LCpl Brian Garlick CPO Thornton LCpl Jimmy Hamilton at new Barton Stacey TRANET Station A1. BC4 Thule Capt Brown watches Sgt Schofield operating
A2. BC4 Thule the site A3. BC4 Thule Two boxes up one to come A4. Capt Crighton HQ Officer 512 ST RE with OIC Tech Publications Office USATOPOCOM A5. Capt Irwin Sgt Riddle WOI Wadmore and Lt Col Crawford
A6. Capt Swanson WOII James Sgt Wrightson and Sgt McQuirk at Florida Station A7. CHACA West Base Chile A8. Chilean Army assist the erection at Estrella near Puerto Montt A9. Col Whelan inspects No2 Doppler Section
A10. Cpl Martin and PO Smith outside the hut constructed for the Doppler equipment A11. Cpl Martin operates watched by Chilean Army driver A12. Group 1 Photo A13. Group 2
A14. Group 3 A15. Group 4 A16. Group 5 A17. Group 6
A18. Group 7 A19. Group 8 A20. Group 9 A21. Group 10
A22. Group 11 A23. Group 12 A24. 512 STRE Inspection A25. Sgt Riley RAF waiting his turn
A26. Officers 512 ST RE Nov 71 A27. PO Smith takes to carpentry under Capt Brants supervision A28. Sgt Riddle and WO1 Wadmore at the First Order pillar A29. Sgt Riddle awaiting the azimuth setting
A30. The beer was terrible in Bermuda anyway A31. WO1 Wadmore prepares the BC-4 camera for tracking A32. End UK Involvement BC4 Brig Walmesley White walking over the frozen sea A33. End UK Involvement BC4 Capt Irwin indicates points of local interest
A34. End UK Involvement BC4 Cdr Yeager A35. End UK Involvement BC4 Group 13 A36. End UK Involvement BC4 Group14 A37. End UK InvolvemenLt Col Crawford Capt Irwin Brig Walmseley White and Adml Jones
A38. End UK Involvement Lt Col Crawford and Adml Jones back to glacier and frozen sea A39. End UK Involvement BC4 OC BC4 Section with D Svy