1. AAS Harrogate Bedspace - Evans 47B Memories - Peter Bell Egypt and Harrogate Harrogate to Fayid 50B Harrogate Letter    
2. Alf Isherwood in the Corps of Drums 1953?. The ulterior motive was that if you were in the drums or the church choir you got two extra days every leave, this was to make up for the times you performed at village fetes and the like at the weekends. We used to enjoy getting out of camp. The only real hardship was cleaning all that gear. 3. Harrogate Open Day c1952-1953 - Alf Isherwood 4. Dennis Martin & Frank Litterick enjoying doing some fieldwork
at AAS Harrogate 1953

5. Tachy surveys c. late summer1960

Tachy Survey at UNIACKE Barracks, Harrogate.Roger (Prof) Jones, Jazz Gould, Cliff Green sitt and Brian Houldershaw.

6. Cliff Greensitt is up the pole as Dave Nunley and Jazz Gould get on with the more serious work. - Brian Houldershaw 7. 8. The ladies ran the kindergarten in Roberts Road, Barton Stacey.

From left to Right they are
Kathy Beale, ???, Carmen ? (wife of Canadian Warrant Officer), Isobel Thompson, and Audrey Kidney. Can't help with a date.

Brian Beale