Gillman Barracks

1. Gillman Barrack Block - Mundy 2. Gillman Barrack Block Interior - Brown 3. Gillman Barrack Block Verandah - Brown 4. Gillman Barracks Entrance - Mundy
5. Gillman Barracks Gym - Hodgson 6. Gillman Barracks Main Entrance - Gordon 7. Gillman Cinema 8. Gillman Entrance - Hodgson
9. Gillman Hill - Hodgson 10. Gillman Lower End 11. Gillman Parade Square - Hodgson 12. Gillman Pool - Brown
13. Gillman Pool 2 - Brown 14. Gillman Rooftop - Brown 15. Gillman View From Cookhouse Block - Hodgson 16. Gillman View of Blocks from Cookhouse Block Roof
17. Print Shop - Ludlow 18. Swimming Pool Steps     20. Gillman pool, circa 1964. - Bud Moon
19. A swimming gala at Gillman pool, circa 1963. Can only remember Slim Donovan (with fancy shirt on right) and Bev Hill, (Standing in white shirt towards the left of the picture).
Could that be Chris Robbins Behind Slim and could the one behind the ladies be Joe Dalziel?
Additional comment from Brian Houldershaw: of two lads sitting in the front and in uniform complete with berets, the left hand one is Mick Ludlow who was a Litho trade. Mick was the only Litho tradesman who accompanied we five Field surveyors when posted to Singapore on October 1962. On the left of that group is a young Steve Fulford, wearing spectacles. This places the photograph as mid 1963 as Steve arrived with us in Kuching circa August 63, after attending a five week Malay language Course at Nee Soon.
From Bill Powell, middle foreground with beret & beer is Bob Percival

Additional names from Mike Ludlow
To Steve Fulfords left is Pete Hogarth then Ian Smith, myself (Mike Ludlow) and 'Spanner' Bradley.

It certainly is Chris Robbins behind Slim Donovan, then sitting on the wall is Howard ????, and Lofty Woolf. Behind Loftys right shoulder is Nick Cheesman.

21. This photo is from top floor of my block looking up towards the NAAFI block. The day was probably the most foul I have ever seen in the Far East. The rain was absolutely lashing down and there was tremendous thunder and lightning. Unfortunately the photo does not do it justice but the storm drains overflowed. - Keith Milburn 22. View of the Square from the barrack block. - Keith Milburn 23. View of the Square from the barrack block. - Keith Milburn 24. The NAAFI from our block, spent a few happy (very happy) nights up there. Tiger was 50 cents a pint if my memory serves. - Keith Milburn
25. Queens Birthday Parade Gillman Barracks 1963 - Mike Ludlow