Aden 19 Sqn 1963 - Reg Banks

60 Aden RM Escort 61 Aden 2 TP Water Hole 62 Aden 2 Tp 63 Aden Yemeni Border
64 2 Tp Accommodation 65 Aden Belvedere 66 Johnny Baker 75. Aden PR Photograph
69 Aden Worsnop and Stanley 73. Aden Aerial View 74. Aden Hill Above Crater 76. Thumb Aden Tellurometer Mick Logan
70 Lt Robinson Aden 71 Banks with MRA2 72 Catterall with MRA2 77. LST To Perm

Aden 19 Topo Sqn 1960 - Bev Hill

78. Clive Khan, Geordie Walters and ? (driver) having lunch at Dick Pollard's restaurant. 79. Geordie Walters (Driver), Bev Hill, Clive Khan (Clerk) and Martin Fegan? (Clerk) on a visit to 2 Troop based at Khor Umeira in the Aden Protectorate. 80. 2 Troop camp at Khor Umeira. 81. The well at Khor Umeira.
82. A rather large camel spider. One of the surveyors (I think it was Vic Moncreiff) was flown back to hospital in Aden in a coma after being bitten by one of these monsters. 83. Johnny Allcock, Bruce Barden SQMS and Savannah Robinson spruced-up for Admin Day. 84. Bev Hill, Bruce Barden and Johnny Allcock outside the QM Stores at the Maalla Strait Offices.