Kapit to Nanga Gaat 84 Svy - Brian Houldershaw

Kapit lies on the southern banks of the Batang Rejang approximately 130km east of Sibu

Photographs from 1995


Kapit 1984, 84 return to Sarawak - Keith Milburn

1. Sikorsky hovering over Hilltop Pad 2. A typical morning view looking down on the clouds 3. A trig point, tellurometer set up, ground marker clearly visible and the tech tent 4. Resupply by Allouette of Malaysian Air Force on a day when totally clouded in. Estimated 20 yards visibility.
5. Resupply by Allouette 6. Tellurometer set up. Labourer making rattan basket. 7. A hill top camp 8. Typical sunset in Sarawak
9. Cloud formations 10. Sunset 11. The fron entrance to the offices/dining/recreation building at Kapit alongside the airstrip. A couple of flower beds nicknamed 'The Graves' 12. Keith (Jackie) Millburn after returning from a number of weeks on a hilltop.
13. The main accommodation left, generator shed centre, airport right middle and badminton court. Lower left the '84' emblem 14. Kapit waterfront as remembered by 1 Topo Troop

15. Kapit waterfront.

Lot of change in 1995 (Brian Houldershaw)

16. Kapit - Keith Milburn

Kapit 3rd Division Sarawak

1. Smoke over Kapit 2. Hiller over Kapit 3. Wessex overflies longboat 4. Fort Sylvia
5. Fort Sylvia 6. Longboats 7. Longboats - Scouse and Al 8. Kapit waterfront