Kuching 84 Svy Sqn 1995 - Brian Houldershaw

1. The Fata Hotel 2. Main Bazaar and the Chinese Culture Museum 3. The Tua Pek Kong, Taoist temple built in 1876 standa at the junction of Jalan TunU Abdul Rahman and Jalan Padungan 4. The Riverside Park and Sungai Sarawak in Kuching. Water taxis in the foreground
5. Beijing riverside restaurant 6. The Cat Statue at the east end of Padungan road with the 'Tai Pan' and 'Riverside Majestic' hotels in the background 7. A Cat Statue in front of the 'Holiday Inn' 8. The Istana (Astana), The Goveror's Residence and former home of the Rajahs
9. The 'Kuching Hilton Hotel' dominates the view of the Sarawak River 10. The Sarawak Tourist Information Centre - former Straits Steamship Offices, the Overseas Bank and the Square Tower 11. The Supreme Court building and former home of the Council Negri 12. The junction of Jalan Courthouse and Jalan Gambier with the Sarawk State Mosque and Gunong Serambu
13. The Sarawak River waterfront off Jalan Cambier with the Fruit and Vegetable Market in the foreground, the Fresh Meat Market is behind 14. 15. 16. The Square Tower
    18. Ban Hock Wharf, the old port facilities just off the market area and now used by fishing boats and coastal traders 19. Lebuh Market and Taxi Stand 20. Kuching Market, a favourite haunt of 1 Topo Troop in the 1960's
28. Front elevation of the Sarawak Museum 32. View of the Riverside Park and Main Bazaar from the north bank 36. The Prison 37. The Civic Centre and PLanetarium now stand on the old golf course
38. 'Garden Friend' The former residence of No. 1 Topographic Troop 84 Svy Sqn RE 41. 'Garden Friend' The Living Room 42. 'Garden Friend' The living room 43. The view from the former Troop House across the Padang (football field)
46. The Drivers and MT Staff and Survey Department of the 1st Division Office in Badruddin Road 47. A Sarawak Marine Department Launch 48. Detachment from 42/19 Topo 1964. Pete Smith, Norm Brindle, Jimmy Durup, ?? in Gillmore Barracks 49.Don Holmes & Vic Moncrieff in the office
50. Vic Moncrieff, Jim Brown, Don Holmes & Norm Brindle 51. The Troop Longboat 52. An Iban serves some Tuak, Capt Baker on right 53.Vic Green with the 2nd/2nd Gurkhas
54. Vic Moncrieff, Wally Osbourne, Don Holmes & Vic Green 55. 56. 3 Troop invite