Lundu 1995, 84 Svy Sqn - Brian Houldershaw

1. The Padang and in the foreground the site formerly occupied by Goverment Class IV Quarters, one of which was tennanted by members of No. 1 Topo Troop in 1963, 1st Division 3. The Padang used a Football Field but once used as a helicopter landing zone during the 'confrontation' period with Indonesia in the 1960's 4. The Padang with Gunong Gading in the background 5. Site of the old Government Class IV Quarters
6. The cleared site where once stood the Government Class IV Quarterly 7. Government Class IV Quarter boarded up and now derelict, similar to the one once occupied by No. 1 Topo Troop, 84 Svy Sqn 8. The District Office, built 1952 9. A family return home across the Batang Kayan River after a shopping expedition