Bukit Pelagus 1964 - 84 Svy Sqn

Bukit Pelagus, a journey through the Pelagus Rapids 3rd Division

The Pelagus rapids are on the Batang Rejang between Belaga and the junction with the Batang Baleh in the 3rd division of Sarawak
 (now known as the Kapit Division)

There must have been more clearing carried out since the 1960s as Express boats now make the journey from Kapit to Belaga    
Google view from South
Google Vertical view
1. Rejang 2. Iban struggles with longboat 3. Hauling longboat 4. Longboat in rapids
5. Steve & Ibans 6. Kenyan 7. Steve & Boat 8. Shallows
9. Kombong 10. Longboats 11. Tough going 12. Pelagus approach
13. Blasted channel 14. Longboat on Rejang 15. Pelagus rapids