Bukit Sibu 84 Svy Sqn - Brian Houldershaw

Bukit Sibu, Sarawak's second town in 3rd Division on the mighty Batang Rejang

1 Topo Troop RE were billeted at Bukit Lima Camp

Accompanied members lived in rented accommodation in Sibu.

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    16. Waterfront 17. Waterfront 18. Swimming Pool
19. 20. 21.    
1. View from Sarawak Hotel

2. In 1965, three members of No. 1 Topo Troop 84 Svy Sqn occupied three of the flats on the upper floor of this building

3. The Malaysia Hotel 4. The Sibu Recreation Club
5. The Cafe, haunt of 845 NAS and members of No. 1 Troop 7. Ramin Way and the New World Hotel which was a block of flats and 'sugar bun' was a hawker stall type market 8. Shops on the Jaln Wong Nai Siong opposite the Sarawak Hotel 9. The City Inn better known as the Merrido Hotel. A much frequented nightclub
12. The upriver Express Boat Wharf, the Tua Pek Kong Temple in the background