Zyyi, 42 Regiment - Don Graham

Don trained as a Surveyor with the NCB Opencast Executive before being called up for National Service in 1959. After basic training he was posted to 42 Survey Engineer Regiment where he saw through the rest of his time in the Army. As a prolific sportsman, he was retained in Cyprus and played for the regimental Football XI and Cricket XI. He also represented the Royal Engineers at Cricket.        
1. Main Gate and Guardroom. 2. The Gymnasium - Zyyi Camp, 42 Survey Engineer Regiment.
On rare occasions the Gymnasium accommodated C.S.E. Shows.
3. The Ritz Cinema - Zyyi Camp, 42 Survey Engineer Regiment. This popular venue was enjoyed by many cinemagoers 'inmates' of Zyyi Camp with usually two or three different films shown each week. November 1960 5. Camels en route to Zyyi Village from the Maroni area and then into warehouse storage with crops of carob beans. The camel's route passed by the Officer's Mess and the eastern perimeter boundary of Zyyi Camp, 42 Survey Engineer Regiment. August 1960.
4. The old Camp Commer bus 'at rest' in the M.T. Compound, Zyyi Camp, 42 Survey Engineer Regiment. The old bus sadly confined to barracks following a road accident en route from Limassol often conveyed 42 personnel on excursions to various locations in Cyprus in addition to transporting the married personnel of the Regiment to and from Zyyi Camp on a daily basis. November 1960.   6. Eric Rowatt - Projectionist for the Ritz Cinema, Zyyi Camp. Outside the Squadron Lines and his four man tented accommodation, 42 Survey Engineer Regiment. November 1960. 8. The remaining section of Zyyi Jetty or Pier as viewed from the foreshore of Zyyi Village. September 1995.
7. The Timber Jetty or Pier at Zyyi Village, viewed in an eastern direction. The original outer length of the timber piled jetty structure was unfortunately damaged by winter storms at some point in time and now exists in reduced length. The end of the jetty or pier was a popular location for many of the Zyyi camp personnel to enjoy their Mediterranean swimming during the summer months, in approximately 12 feet of water. September 1995.   9. View of the shortened Zyyi pier or jetty from the village. September 1995. 10. Zyyi Jetty and Village
11. Radio Station 12. Lapithos Fish Tavern 13. Lapithos Fish Tavern 14. Football Team
15. I'm coming Home postcard 16. Football XI 1960 17. Cricket Team