Zyyi, 42 Regiment - Terry Evans

1. Accommodation 3. The Guardroom 4. The Ritz cinema 6. Here it is!

5. I am at a loss to explain the flag, anyone help?
Regarding the "Stars and Stripes" in HQ Squadron lines Zyyi,  if memory serves me correctly this could well be the Flag which we took over the responsibility of caring for from the boys of the USS Forrestal in the "Troc" Cabaret, Heros Square, Limassol. They probably still wonder were it went, now we know; early 1961.
23528411 Cpl R.G. Hodgson. Known everywhere as "Tot".

7. Anyone help? 8. I believe this to be the Cyprus cement works
9. 10. 11. Back row: Pete Thornbury, Ginger Cornes, Jake Crangle, Ted Avey, Colin Lake.
Front row: Mike Gowlet, Mick Browning, S/Sgt Pete Timbrell, Teryy Evans, Rab Martin.
13. 14. The unit bus was once in better shape! 15. 16. Life in the field
17. Breakfast? 18. Sailors? 19. 42 Hockey team