14 Sqn First Issue Land Rovers - Carter

In the early ‘60’s the MOD replaced “Champs” with Landrovers.
The changeover for 14 Sqn occurred a few weeks prior to a major scheduled exercise. To enable the new vehicles to be “Run in” successfully it was arranged that they should be gently run in at weekends.
To do this, exercise “Road Rover” was set up. There were ten vehicles and the exercise took the form of map reading. Each driver being given map references and had to collect identifying features, all finishing up at an end map reference for food, refuel and a check up by the MT Sgt. This paid dividends for the first Landrover to need workshop attention had 30K on the clock!! Road Rover was later extended for recreational and driver training purposes and wireless training when radios had been fitted.

1. 14Sqn027 2. 14Sqn028 4. 14Sqn030 5. 14Sqn031
6. 14Sqn032 7. 14Sqn033 8. 14Sqn034 9. 14Sqn035
10. 14Sqn036 11. 14Sqn037 13. 14Sqn039 14. 14Sqn040
15. 14Sqn041 16. 14Sqn042 17. 14Sqn043 18. 14Sqn044
19. 14Sqn045 20. 14Sqn046        
3. 14Sqn029 12. 14Sqn038