Thought this might bring back memories to some ex-89 guys.

Land of parasites and snobs,
Remittance men with part-time jobs
Giving nothing , taking all,
Waiting for the fruit to fall.
Wallowers in sin and vice,
Having fun without the price.

Pyrethrum colonels, sisal majors,
And countless other old-time stagers,
Fighting battles, winning wars,
Over double gins in Torrs.

Hardiest the K.P.R.s,
See them standing strong and manly
In the Norfolk or the Stanley,
While the boys who do the killing
Do not even get a billing.

All the worries of the ladi harder,
Have they padlocked up the les
How to stop from having babies,
How to make the ‘boys' workarder?
All the trouble with the Dhobie,
What a shocking place Nairobi.

Laugh then ladies, down your gin,
Live your lecherous lives of sin.
Kenya memsahib, Kenya bwana,
Isn't life mzuri sana.

With thanks to  Brian Beale for this contribution.