Topo Kenya Recce 1972

Bivoucs and Camps

1. BATLSK -Robinson 2. Huts on Mt Kenya -Robinson 3. Ileret police post -Robinson 4. Mt Kulal hut -Robinson
5. Svy bivouac at Emale -Robinson 6. Svy Party bivouac at SKTA -Robinson 7. Welcome break in the shade -Robinson    

Loiyangalani Base Camp

1. Troop HQ -Robinson 2. Troop base -Robinson 3. Shady corner in base -Robinson 4. Relaxing by swimming pool -Robinson
5. In the swimming pool -Robinson 6. Loiyangalani air strip -Robinson 7. Air resupply -Robinson 8. Banda slander board -Robinson


1. A Svy position -Robinson 2. Obs with Connelly compass -Robinson 3. Tellurometer measures -Robinson 4. Trig pillar constr by Tp -Robinson

Terrain and Movement

1. 4 Tonner in Chalbi desert -Robinson 2. Chalbi desert after rain -Robinson 3. Chalbi desert oblique -Robinson 4. Chalbi desert salt pans -Robinson
5. Dust -Robinson 6. Guiding svy party vehs -Robinson 7. Lebutketch from rdhead -Robinson 8. Main supply route -Robinson
9. Mt Kulal from the air -Robinson 10. Stuck in Subka -Robinson 11. Tp convoy crossing wadi -Robinson 12. Tp convoy nr Loiyangalani -Robinson
13. Track to Kulal -Robinson            

Visit C&C UKLF

1. Arrival of CinC UKLF -Robinson 2. Gen Sir Frank King being briefed -Robinson 3. Gen Sir Frank King directing -Robinson    


1. Borana village -Robinson 2. Crocodile visitor -Robinson 3. Evening meal prep -Robinson 4. Maj Cronchey OC 19 Sqn -Robinson
5. Marsabit main street -Robinson 6. Mountain Elephant -Robinson 7. Natural spring pool 1 -Robinson 8. Natural spring pool 2 -Robinson
9. Nile perch ashore -Robinson 10. Nile perch landing -Robinson 11. Swimming in Lake Rudolf -Robinson