84 Svy Sqn, Malaya

1. 84 Sqn HQ at Batu Cantonement KL late 1950s Courtesy Walker T 2. 84 Sqn HQ Batu Cantoinement - Walker TMain notice board. 3. 84 Sqn Offices Batu Cantonment Courtesy Walker T 4. Airdrop at Ft Kemar Grik Trig Scheme Courtesy Walker T
5. Camp Kitchen Grik Trig Scheme Courtesy Walker T 6. Cover Diagram 1inch Malaya Sheets 1967 Courtesy Burroughs 7. Grik from the air Courtesy Walker T 8. Grik Trig Scheme Target on hill top Courtesy Walker T
9. Malaysia Thai Trig Scheme Courtesy Burroughs
Annotated in red with names mentioned in 84 Field Survey Squadron Memories.
Some places I have been unable to locate, these include Crow & Kuala Langat, maybe some kind soul with rectify these omissions.

I think the village referred to might be Croh, or Kroh.  It had a large tin mine in the vicinity.   I was there for a brief period in 1957 and it had the dubious distinction of being one of the last places where the  CT's  had recently attacked in force, before hopping back over the border again . I remember plenty of wire meshed fencing between the safe compound and the jungle and we were a bit jittery at the time.

Fort Kemar was the village where some of our guides came from when we were doing the Trig scheme based in Grik. It had a small airstrip.  Our guides all lived together with their families in a Long House and on one trip  I was taken to this communal building to meet the wives and children. I have several photos of our guides proudly posing with their families for us. My overriding memory of them is that they were  very happy people.

Bukits Kusial, Kuang, Meninjau  and Marak were used later by 1 Topo Troop in 1967/8. I wonder if surveyors from the fifties also used them.
    10. Malaysian River Sungei Lenggor Courtesy Alan Gordon 11. South Malasia Trig Scheme Courtesy Burroughs Memories from Reg Clark  

Batu, Malacca February to March 1956 - Terry Gibson

12. 13. Back row: Brian R?, Norman Baker, Bob Fisher, Ted Cloke, Pip ?.               
Front row: Dave Allen, Bernie Barker, Terry Gibson.

14. Move to Batu Cantonment 1956

Centre wearing Australin slouch hat ? Williamson (ex Korea), Lt. Taylor (bending over map).

15. Again during water shortage (Chas Hampshire in foreground).
16 17. Government building (KL). 18. Tennis court next to our bashas.

19. Move to Batu Cantonment 1956

Seated on trailer: Left to right - Johny Sales, L/Cpl Dave Harries, ????

20. Move to Batu Cantonment 1956


21. Unit MT area. 22. Move to Batu Cantonment 1956

23. Move to Batu Cantonment 1956

Officer on right: Australian Lt. Taylor.

24. Move to Batu Cantonment 1956


25. Move to Batu Cantonment 1956


26. Stairway up into Batu Caves. 27.
28. Back row: Cpl.John Stevens, Brian Kinnear, Bob Fisher, Joe Dalziel.               
Front row: Ian Wallace, Terry Gibson.
29. Our accommodation - 1 Bukit Palah (south side), Malacca. 30.

31. Chinese temple (Malacca).

32. Water shortage in camp (Pip shaving). 34. Semililing, Kedah - Chinese girl making mud bricks

35. Semililing, Kedah - During levelling.

36. Sungei Lalang, Kedah - Bridge carrying pipeline between "White" and "Black" area.

37. 38. 39. 40.

Alan Holden

41. Air drop at Gunong Besar Feb 1959. 42. Me and Pete Riley, at Malacca (not Morib by the way that was a different detachment). We were surveying for the new camp - Bukit Terhenderak, I think it was called. Acres and acres of brown, cleared land not a tree to be seen. 45. A pic of Grik camp and Gunong Kenderong in the background. 46. We also went on sub-detachments to places like Sintok.
47. Dinner at Sintok 1958. 48. Gunong Besar 2 Feb 1959. 49. Camp Gunong Besar Feb 1959. 50. Malay School of Language and method. 1955 Courtesy Ben Howson
51. Banganular Beach, Sungei Patani, Jan 1956
Taffy Smith, Dave S, Ben Howson, Jock, Paddy Gibson Courtesy Ben Howson
52. 35 milestone, Sungei Patani, Feb 1956
Dave H, George, Dave SCourtesy Ben Howson
53. Seremban, 1956
Courtesy Ben Howson
54. Christmas Day, 1956, Batu Canronment
Geek, Chippy, Ben Howson, Willy, Les Jock Courtesy Ben Howson
55. A2 Course, Salak, Kuala Lumpur, Sept 1956
Olly, Ron, Terry Crowson Courtesy Ben Howson
56. Kuala Lumpur, July 1957
Scouse Orman with Pioneers Courtesy Ben Howson

58. Batu Gaja, May 1957
Ben Howson, Ian Kilgour, Jasper ???Courtesy Ben Howson
59. Cameron Highlands,May 1956
Reg Bass Courtesy Ben Howson
60. Pudu Hill, Kuala Lumpur, Sept 19 Courtesy Ben Howson 61. Cameron Highlands, April 1957
Reg Bass, Geordie Courtesy Ben Howson

62. 84 Field Survey Squadron 1955 to 1958

Those who were in at the formation of 84Sqn may have been on the Lancashire going out in 1955 and on the Nevasa at the end of their tour in 1958. Courtesy Alf Isherwood