British Schools Exploring Society
 expedition to Newfoundland in 1955

Details of daily rations per person

Dry (unsweet) biscuits 12 oz 340 gr
Pemmican (dried minced meat) 40% fat content . 2 oz  57 gr
Processed cheese 4 oz. 113 gr
Margarine 2 oz. 57 gr
Sugar 2 oz. 57 gr
Dried peas or lentils 2 oz. 57 gr
Chocolate 2 oz. 57 gr
Oatmeal 2 oz. 57 gr
Raisins 1 oz. 28 gr
Dried onion oz. 7 gr
Dried carrot oz. 7 gr
Tea oz. 7 gr
Salt oz. 7 gr

The typical daily menu was:
breakfast:  porridge, biscuits and cheese, tea
lunch:  biscuits and cheese
evening meal:  hoosh (a stew made from pemmican, dried peas (or lentils), onion and carrot, salt and water),biscuits and cheese.

The chocolate and raisins were usually eaten mid-morning during the period of greatest energy expenditure.

Every seven days there was a supplementary issue (small amounts) of dried milk, dried eggs, wholemeal flour, jam and marmalade, sweet biscuits, dried fruits and cocoa.

Is there any wonder we were always hungry?

With thanks to  Trevor "Bill" Powell for this contribution.