19 Topo, UAE - 1962 - Reg Banks

1. Members oMembers of 19 Topo Sqn RE at Nicosia airport, Cyprus., enroute for Bahrein. Mark Maunders is on the extreme right. 1962. 2. Dave Kelly with 3.5 inch `Tavistock' theodoli1e at Manama, Bahrein. 1962. 3. Johnny Baker and Barry Symons in the survey office at Manama, Bahrein. 1962. 4. A camel and its driver, converse with Pete Worsnop (right) and his driver, somewhere in the desert, Trucial States, UAE. 1962.
5. Pete Worsnop decides to do some rock climbing, complete with 3.5 inch `Tavistock' theodolite, in carrying case, on his back.
Trucial States, UAE. 1962.
6. Johnny Baker, driver and interpreter make camp under the shade of some palm trees. Trucial States, UAE. 1962. 7. It's time for the evening meal. driver, Johnny Baker, Lt. - and Mick Logan get out the compo rations and utes.
Trucial States, UAE. 1962.
8. The last national serviceman, serving in the gulf, Spr. A.N. Reid, a clerk in 2 troop, shakes hands with
Mark Maunders prior to his departure. other members of the troop look on. Manama, Bahrein. 1962.
9. Mark Maunders with two drivers and an interpreter, pose with their vehicles. Trucial States, UAE. 1962.