With Brian Houldershaw Kranji with Brian Houldershaw          
1 2 ASLS Plotting Photos - Courtesy Saunders 2 2 ASLS Seletar Barrack Life Courtesy Saunders 3 2 ASLS Seletar Plotting Office Courtesy Saunders 4 2 ASLS Sortie Plotting
5 84 Sqn 10 Mile Bash Courtesy Hodgeson 6 556 FSD Moving maps CT period 7 570 Map Repro Map Makers Plot Malay Jungle 8 Aerial View Causeway Courtesy Burroughs
9 Aerial View Singapore Courtesy Burroughs 10 Air Survey Office 1965 Courtesy Bud Moon 11 Building the Press Courtesy Brown G 12 Building thge Press 2 Courtesy Brown G
13 Cover Diagram Singapore Straits Courtesy Burroughs 14 News Cutting Courtesy Brown G 15 Pasir Panjang at night Courtesy Brown G 16 Pasir Panjang daytime Courtesy Brown G

17 Pasir Panjang Mosaic Courtesy Dace 18 Singapore City Photomap 19 Singapore Dollar Paid for Dover Road 20 Singapore Relief Map 1945 Courtesy Monk
21 They Plot Jungles 22. 23.

24. Engineer Base Group Football Teams - Singapore
includes members of 84 Svy Sq. Iincludes Nobby Clarke, Mick Byrne, Bev Hill, Spanner Bradley and Bill Fazackerley Courtesy Bev Hill


25. Engineer Base Group Football Teams - Singapore
includes members of 84 Svy Sq. Includes Tom Christie, Nobby Clarke and Bev Hill Courtesy Bev Hill


26. Corner of Air Survey Department, Al Gordon (seated centre), Mac ‘Harry’ Hawkins (white shirt on right) Courtesy Bud Moon 27. Air Survey Department, Dover Road. c. 1964. Names anyone? Courtesy Bud Moon 28. Barge on Singapore River c. 1964 Courtesy Bud Moon
29. Another view of the air survey office, 1964. L/Cpl Hyde ( Can't remember his first name ) on the right.
It is Jim Hyde, next to him Al Gordon, extreme left could be Percy Kimber, the other two I can't say
From Bill Powell, could the 2nd from left be Roy Isherwood? Courtesy Bud Moon
30. Air survey office, Dover Road, 1964. Note slotted template board on floor. Courtesy Bud Moon 31. One of the Pepys Road blocks, we lived on the ground floor on right-hand side.. My wife, Tina, is sitting in the entrance. Courtesy Bud Moon 32. Pepys Road, Pasir Panjang, Singapore, showing 84 Survey Squadron married accommodation on right. Courtesy Bud Moon
33. Singapore River c. 1964 Courtesy Bud Moon 34. Swimming Pool at the Britannia Club, Beach Road, (opposite the Raffles Hotel) Singapore c. 1964 Courtesy Bud Moon 35. Typical Singapore Street Scene c. 1964 Courtesy Bud Moon