Filed Survey Miscellaneous

1. 19 Sqn Cyprus 1974 Ex Quantum Using a Helio to Signal - Album 2. A Field Section G1098 Stores 1976 - Album 3. Astro Obs 4. Base Measurement 1
5. Base Measurement 2 6. BC4 Camera in dome Bermuda 1971 7. Beacon Make Shift 8. Beacon
9. Bernard Proud Reading a Barometer. Courtesy Proud 10. Blaw Knox Tower Barton Stacey. Courtesy Evans 11. Cpls Fox and Barnes Catenary Taping 1977 - Album 12. Field survey training 1930s Erecting a Beacon. Courtesy Nealon
13. Gravity and GPS Alberta Canada 1995 Courtesy Maye 14. Gravity near Agassiz Ice Cap N Ellesmere Island Courtesy Maye 15. Gyro Gulf War 16. Improvised Beacon Cockshy Kenya 1970s
17. Improvised Beacon 18. Macca Base Equipment at STC Longleat 19. Observing Under Beacon 1972Courtesy Maye 20. Pinhole Camera
21. Prismatic Compass Kenya 22. Sun Compass Sahara 1971 1 23. Sun Compass Sahara 1971 2 24. Taping at SMS Colin Price and Alan Roberts
25. Telescopic Alidade on Tripod 26. UK Primary Trig - diagram Dave Johnson 27 Beacon in Exotic Location 28. Altimeter and Whirlygig thing, Indonesia. Courtesy Keith Milburn
29. Altimeter, Indonesia Courtesy Keith Milburn 30. Maintaining batteries, Indonesia Courtesy Keith Milburn 31. Maintaining batteries, Indonesia Courtesy Keith Milburn    
32. Arab Driver - El Adem plus MRA2 tellurometer & OS beacon. Courtesy Pete Smith

33. Pete at El Adem with MARA2
Why a RAF Landrover?
Reply from Des Davey
Simply because we didn't take our own transport, we travelled there on the RAF "milk run" flight that went Nicosia
- El Adem - Luqa - Gibraltar and back, so we had to borrow from the RAF.
Courtesy Pete Smith

34. Jim Heyes checks his level alongside a barn at an old farm adjacent to SMS, Hermitage. A111 trig course @ SMS. 1959.

Courtesy Reg Banks

35 RARDE Mast 1 Mick Guise - Nolan 36 RARDE Mast 2 - Nolan