Op Emily - Surveying of

The Thor ICBM Missile sitessituated in Eastern  England


Description of the Operation

 During the late fifties the Cold War necessitated the provision of a missile deterrent. This was to be twenty Thor ICBM Missile sites situated in Eastern England. These were set up in four groups of five centred on existing Royal Air Force Stations.

These HQs were:-

RAF  Feltwell in Norfolk

RAF Helmswell in Lincolnshire

RAF Driffield  in the East Riding of Yorkshire

RAF North Luffenham  in the County of Rutland

Thor sites in history - www.harringtonmuseum.org.uk

13 Field Survey Squadron RE based at Fernhurst Camp, Fernhurst, Sussex provided the survey personnel for this task.

At each proposed site similar tasks were carried out which were:-

Build two Ordnance Survey Pillar for a site baseline.

Base Measurement that baseline using MACCA base measuring equipment

Triangulation a triangulation scheme from Ordnance Survey control to locate the pillars.

Height the pillars by levelling from OS control.

Observe for Astronomic Latitude and Longitude  by Position Lines using Wild T4 and associated Equipment.

Observe for Astronoimic Azimuth using Wild T4 and associated Equipment.

After the construction of the Rocket sites

Observe internal triangulation schemes to locate individual elements.

Observe for Astronomic Azimuth using Wild T4 and associated Equipment within the site.