Our Chelsea Pensioner

I wonder how many people remember RSM B.D.James (Jamie)? I remember him well, he was at my wedding in Kenya with 89 Squadron at High Ridge Camp, Nairobi. My last recollection of him there was when he was involved in driving a high jacked motorcar along the pavement and crashing it into a shop window! He was wearing my maroon corduroy jacket at the time which was ruined, and he finished up at Gil Gil military prison!! 

We met up again at the school on an A1 field survey course which we both passed with flying colours but I won’t go into the details of it here – there were some dubious practices I seem to remember! 

I lost touch for many years but managed to track him down recently and learned to my surprise that he was a Chelsea Pensioner and true to form was still creating havoc with the management. He invited me to their founder’s day parade on two occasions and I did an Audio Visual of the Hospital which was subsequently shown to some of the pensioners. 

The latest in the saga is that, as he was never “dined out” on leaving the army, the Sgts Mess at Hermitage have invited him to be dined out at a special dinner.

Courtesy Peter (Tojo) Frampton
1. A typical place setting at a Sgts Mess dining out dinner. 2. 3. Jamie on parade at the founders day parade. 4. Jamie on parade at the founders day parade.
5. Jimmy's bunk at the Royal Hospital Chelsea.